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Agile Transformation

Transform your company into an agile minded workplace.

Going agile is not a question of following a trend, but a necessity to meet your market’s and customers’ requirements. And it pays off!

Transforming your organization towards agile working is all about people. It changes how we work together.

I help companies to reshape their leadership culture and talent strategy in order to get abreast of the agile challenge and to make a real difference in performance and employee satisfaction.


How I help

Agile Leadership

Leadership today is not about having all the answers, but about asking the right questions. Leaders need to embrace their role as coach to their team of experts. It’s crucial that we allow for disruptive ideas and learn to cope with failure. I can facilitate the adoption of an agile leadership mindset in your management team and teach them the necessary leadership skills.

Agile Talent Management

Agile companies need agile talent management. Current process-based models are rarely able to permit the flexibility that is required in agile environments. If talent management still means to tap and foster employee potential, then it must become like the business itself; flexible and customer-centric. Let me help you to update your talent strategy to fit into a fast paced and agile work environment.

Generation Y and Z

The incoming generation of professionals have grown up with digital communication and think in networks. These attributes are exactly what your company needs. But does your company offer an attractive workplace for generation Y and Z, who ask for much more than a good salary? I can help you to develop an authentic employer brand that allures top talent to your company.

Women in Business

For years the business world has been struggling to increase the proportion of women in leadership roles. This results in striking talent pipeline shortages and underuse of the innovative power of diversity. I train female professionals and leaders and work on effective strategies with the (predominantly male) decision makers in order to realize the organization’s full talent potential.

Digital Transformation

The biggest misconception about digital transformation is that it is all about data and technology. But the real change is the broader level of transparency, synchronization and synergies your company is now confronted with. People need to learn how to deal with this, and leaders need to learn how to lead in a digital word. I am able to support your organization to make the necessary transformational steps.

Digital HR

There are a plethora of solutions out there promising to digitize, if not “revolutionize“ HR processes. However, adopting and adapting these solutions to your company’s specific needs is hardly ever as seamless as promised. Having implemented various digital HR solutions over the years for different industries, I can guide you through the process and help you ask the right questions from day one.

About Me

About me

Before starting my own consulting business, I spent more than 15 years working as an HR professional and leader for three multinational companies. During this time I learned a lot about how large organizations work and how challenging transformation projects are.

I am internationally minded. With my business expertise in Europe, USA and Asia I identify potential pitfalls in global projects early and can quickly build rapport with decision makers on a global level.

My academic background is in organizational psychology. I completed my ICF-accredited training as a coach at the University of Chester, UK. Furthermore, I’ve attained a variety of certificates in traditional and agile project management.

My customer list ranges from multinational corporations to mid-sized companies.



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