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Companies nowadays need a strong but flexible workforce that is creative and can deliver top-notch performance in uncertain times. The demand for empowering leadership, a progressive talent strategy and creating an agile work environment is greater than ever. HR is the right group to take ownership of these strategic challenges. HR is definitively at the center of attention. Is your HR department ready for it?

Expertise makes the difference

My clients benefit from my 20 years+ HR expertise and business experience in multinational and medium-sized companies across different industries. I am known for identifying the client’s needs quickly and helping with solutions that work. My scope is global, and I work in English and German, both offline and online.

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Here is what clients say about my service:

“Your hands-on approach helped us through the project.”

“Your work has led to an incredible transformation in our HR team.”

“You are truly internationally minded.”

“A super great ‘women in business’ workshop; now I know what we have to do!”

“Honestly and charmingly put the finger in the wound.”

“Professional and approachable”

“No long-winded theories, but real-life tips.”

“Amazing how quickly and accurately you hit the pain point.”

References from my client projects are available on request.