HR Transformation

Becoming a customer-focused and agile HR

HR can have huge impact on business success by increasing the engagement, skill level and flexibility of the people in the organization. But for that, HR often needs to transform itself first. I am an HR enthusiast and have been helping HR teams in different industries and at various maturity levels to bring more and genuine value to the business by adapting their mindset, structure and product portfolio.

Mindset in HR

A first step to improve HR is operating from a truly business-oriented focus. Putting the business needs into the center of everything you do and helping achieve its goals should be your overall credo. Turn HR into a constantly learning team, open to change, growing from and with the business.

HR operating model

Traditional HR silo structures usually slow you down. Less hierarchy, less intra-departmental alignment and more empowered teams with excellent change agent competencies make you an accepted strategic change partner to the business.

HR strategy and products

Is your HR product portfolio up to date? If your HR services are not understood and regularly used by the business to solve employee-related issues then they probably need a makeover. Focus on those HR tools which are really needed and adapt them to fit into a fast-changing environment.

Agile Human Resources – Customer-Centered Thinking and Acting in Human Resources.

Our editor’s volume contains both scientifically based contributions and practice-oriented examples for the design of an agile HR department with many helpful tips for HR professionals. Only German book version available.

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