Executive Coaching

Unlocking potential and great leadership

Working with an individual who wants to develop and seeing them blossom is definitively the best part of my job. In my coaching, I make sure the client achieves quick wins but also long-term successes.

Women in business coaching

Although we live in the 21st century, it is still hard for women to make a career. Every day, women experience resistance against them being in leadership positions. Some even doubt their own career aspirations. I am a strong sparring partner by their side to help them through their career challenges, such as:

  • Gaining more self-confidence in the work environment
  • Balancing work and family
  • Thriving in a man’s world
  • Building a strong business network and empowering other women
  • Deciding on a career move and preparing for the application process

My coaching approach is based on more than 20 years of work in HR and real-life experiences as a female leader in male-dominated international businesses. I see my value in giving practical advice and helping you to help yourself.

Leadership coaching

Being a leader is an everyday challenge – becoming a great one an even steeper uphill battle. The call for meaning in the workplace, self-organization as well as self-determination from employees cannot be ignored. As a former business leader and experienced coach, I work with leaders on the following topics:

  • Leading through change and uncertainty
  • Keeping and developing diverse talent
  • Dealing with crisis and conflicts in the team
  • Making tough decisions
  • Managing my own career

My coaching approach is hands-on and actionable. I see my role in challenging leaders to do better and boosting self-development skills by tapping into their individual set of strengths. My coaching is a safe place to have honest and deep conversations.

Private coaching – Take charge of your career

As I want to support leaders and female talents in taking charge of their own development I offer coaching to private clients, too. If you are interested in the private coaching package, please do not hesitate to contact me.