Create an attractive and innovative workplace

Diverse organizations have been found to enjoy increased profits, innovation and staff wellbeing. For all that, diversity is not only a question of profit but also question of creating an attractive workplace – especially for younger generations. Is your company already a place where different kinds of talent is engaged to perform at its best? Do you support female careers? My consulting service includes setting up your diversity strategy, making your HR tools diversity proof and coaching your leaders.

Unconscious bias

A fundamental prerequisite on the path to a diverse company is to break down old thinking patterns or unconscious biases towards people who tick differently. It is not only thinking – but also doing. My checklists help you to create bias-free HR processes. Additionally, I coach your leaders to become more sensitive about discriminating behavior and more competent in leading diverse teams.

Women in business

Women’s careers are not a women’s problem, but a topic to be taken care of by all of us. I work with the HR department and coach management in removing archaic structures as well as outdated leadership ideals standing in the way of talented women. I encourage female talent to become more confident and increase mutual support between women in the workplace. As a result, your organization will make use of the full potential of your talent pipeline.